The Hair Spring

Reference no 734



Its the hairspring and the balance that together have a natural resonance frequency enabling, via the escapement, all the other arbors to rotate at the right pace. It's the heart of the movement.




The hairspring is held in place by the stud screw, seen to the left in the figure. The red stone in the center is the Impulse Jewel which has an important role in the balance system. When the Balance oscillates back and forth the Impulse Jewel interacts with the Pallet Lever fork and 1) receives an impulse to "keep on swinging" and 2) also controls the precise movement back and forth of the Pallet Lever


  When you move the regulator from to + you move the curb pins and shortens the effective length of the hairspring. This will result in a higher oscillating frequency. Hence, the regulator provides a continuous adjustment range for the movement.