The Crown Wheel

Reference no 420 (to the left)


  When winding the watch the rotation from the winding stem is transferred via the Clutch Wheel to the Winding Pinion, which in turn drives the Crown Wheel (420), to the left in the picture.

The Barrel Arbor is rotated by a wheel called the Ratchet Wheel attached to the Barrel Arbor. The Ratchet Wheel, in turn, is driven by the Crown Wheel (420).

The Crown Wheel Ring (422) is shown to the right in the figure. This is a washer allowing the Crown Wheel to rotate freely as an intermediate power transferring wheel.


  Here is a view of the Clutch Wheel (407) and the Winding Pinion (410)  mounted on the Winding Stem (401). The Clutch Wheel (almost) engages the Winding Pinion through their Breguet (ratchet) toothing. It is the Winding Pinion that engages the Crown Wheel (420)



  How the Winding Pinion engages the Crown Wheel (420) can be seen to the right in the picture. Their axles are in a 90 degree angle to each other.