The Winding Pinion

Reference no 410



The rotation from the winding stem is transferred via the clutch wheel to the Winding Pinion (410), which in turn drives the crown wheel. On the Clutch Wheel (407) you can find what is called Bréguet teeth, which mesh with the corresponding Winding Pinion’s Bréguet teeth.


  A view where the interaction between the Clutch Wheel (407) and the Winding Pinion (410) can be seen. The place of the Clutch Wheel in the movement can been seen in the winding position i.e. the Clutch Wheel engages the Crown Wheel through their Breguet (ratchet) teeth.



  Here is a separate view of the Clutch Wheel (407) and the Winding Pinion (410)  mounted on the Winding Stem (401). The Clutch Wheel (almost) engages the Winding Pinion through their Breguet (ratchet) toothing.