The Cannon Pinion

Reference no 240



A tube with a pinion is attached to the Center Wheel arbor. This tube is called the Cannon Pinion (240). It is friction fitted to the Center Wheel arbor and its pinion drives a wheel called the minute wheel.



Here the Cannon Pinion can be seen in the center of the movement. The Center Wheel arbor, to which the minute hand is attached, is friction fitted through the hollow Cannon Pinion tube. Because of the friction fit of the Cannon Pinion to the center wheel arbor, the minute wheel and the hour wheel can rotate freely from the gear train when the hands are set by rotating the Setting Wheel.



  The Hour Wheel is centered by the Cannon Pinion but not fixed to it, see center of the figure. In this way the Cannon Pinion and the hour Wheel can rotate around the same center axis but at different speeds.